Analysts say Bitcoin must reclaim $60,000 to avoid further downside

Bitcoin must reclaim $ 60,000

Following this Sundays 9% correction some analysts are pointing to the need for the Bitcoin price to reclaim the $ 60,000 level in order to prevent further decline and the beginning of a bigger downtrend. The correction is believed to be triggered by news of a power outage in China causing a considerable drop the Bitcoin […]

Will Bitcoin hit $ 100.000 in May?

Bitcoin price to hit $ 100,000?

One of the most successful Bitcoin traders in the world, Christopher Jaszczynski, has been making ultra-precise calls for the Bitcoin price since Bitcoins breakout above $ 10,500 in august last year. His YouTube channel MMCrypto has since then grown just as parabolic as Bitcoin now totaling more than 342,000 subscribers. In his latest episode Christopher […]

Will the Coinbase IPO send the Bitcoin price further up?

Coinbase IPO

Today, Coinbase is listed on Nasdaq under the symbol “COIN” as a direct listing which means that the company does not raise capital like a traditional IPO. The listing is seen by many as a further seal of approval to Bitcoin and cryptocurrency, as it sends a signal that the US authorities will not ban […]

Bitcoin breaks above $63K to new all-time high

Bitcoin hits new all-time high

The price of Bitcoin broke above $63,000 to set a new all-time high. This breakout was critical for Bitcoin as the price prediction tool called Pi Cycle Top Indicator predicts the price level just above $60,000 to be the market top for Bitcoin during this bull market. However, with the breakout of the pennant formation […]

Bitcoin on the verge of price discovery

Bitcoin on the verge of price discovery

Bitcoin has been trading within an ascending triangle for several weeks and has seen significant resistance at the 60.000 USD level. Price action has been consolidating during the past weeks and many traders view that as the quiet before storm. According to Christopher Jaszczynski from MMCrypto, there is a high likelihood of Bitcoin breaking the […]

What Exactly is Ethereum 2.0? Everything You Need to Know

Ethereum v2.0

The crypto industry is growing by the minute; every day we see many new crypto projects being covered by crypto websites and blogs. Currently, Ethereum (ETH) 2.0 is the hot topic around the crypto society.  In this article, we’re going to discuss ETH 2.0 and its upside potential in detail. What exactly is Ethereum 2.0? […]