Best crypto YouTube channels

The crypto market is complex and fast moving. YouTube is a great way to stay updated, but mind you, there are many bad YouTubers out there. Below we have listed the best crypto YouTube channels.

Best crypto YouTube channels

BitBoy Crypto

Ben Armstrong ”BitBoy” runs the second largest crypto channel on YouTube only surpassed by Altcoin Daily. BitBoy is extremely knowledgeable in the crypto space and has been known to make incredibly precise price predictions on both Bitcoin and altcoins. BitBoy is a big Ethereum bull and has made a gutsy $28.000 call as the price peak for Ether in this cycle. He is also invested in many altcoins and frequently shares his insights on different projects and investment opportunities on his channel. He his probably one of the most passionate crypto YouTubers you will find and watching him is not only educative, but also really good entertainment. Following Bitboy Crypto is a great way to keep up to date with everything important that’s happening in crypto and get in-depth knowledge on interesting established and up-and-coming altcoins.

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MM Crypto


Kris from MMCrypto is probably one of the world’s best Bitcoin traders – if not the best. The reason is his experience, TA-skils and high discipline combined with a devine feel for the market. Kris is specialised in break out trading which means, that he is looking for patterns and trading them upon confirmed break out. While being a cold-blooded big game hunter on the crypto fields, he is the most likeable, empathic and humble person dedicated to always keeping his community in the know. If you had followed Kris since the start of the current bull run with even a small bag of crypto, you would be into the millions now. With a hit rate of +90% and very disciplined market entry and exit strategies MMCrypto is the right channel to follow if you want to become serious about trading.

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Bitcoin Details

Tyler S

Tyler S is a highly intelligent crypto enthusiast and investor who masters TA like only few do and who always keeps his cool even in the most volatile market conditions. We’ve been following him for more than a year and find it very healthy both for our piggybanks and general well-being to watch his videos. His format and way of presenting is humorous and relaxed which becomes really habitues (and stress relieving). In his presentations Tyler focuses on Bitcoin and occasionally also Ethereum and other major altcoins. He has been incredibly precise in his predictions both before and during the current bull cycle. In short following Tyler S will give you some of the most valuable TA you can find today and help you balance long and short-term decisions.

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Kevin Svenson Crypto

Kevin Svenson Crypto

Kevin Svenson is one of the most knowledgeable YouTubers in the space of crypto. He has been in the game for many years and combines a strong insight into and experience with market cycles, technical analysis and overall subject matter expertise. He is extremely good at zooming out and taking a more long-term approach to the market and has been known to call both previous tops and bottoms in previous cycles. Furthermore, he is invested into a number of altcoins which he has handpicked after careful analysis. It is always a great please to watch updates from Kevin as he has fantastic communication skills and hence masters the art of making the complicated easier to understand. His mid to long term analyses are very healthy to watch as you can easily get caught up in the massive day to day swings you experience in crypto.

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